Welome to Insights Counseling

Insights Counseling is the private counseling and psychotherapy practice of Ron K. Howard Ph.D., RP, a Registered Psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience . We provide counseling and therapy to Individuals , Couples and Families , for issues ranging from family communication and conflict to problems of depression , anxiety and stress in individuals.

Fees are typically covered by Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) as well as through Health Benefit plans offered by Insurance Companies.

Counseling is conducted in a number of different ways depending on the needs and objectives of the client, the preferred methods of the counselor or therapist, and whether nor not the focus is intended to be short-term solution focused counseling - typically a maximum of 4 sessions - or longer-term psychotherapy which can require up to 20 sessions or more.

For counseling that is short-term and solution focused the I assist you , the client, in clarifying the nature of the problem or issue and then work through plausible solutions while teaching problem solving skills and decision making techniques.

For longer -term psychotherapy , we are typically addressing ongoing problems of depression, anxiety and stress that usually require between 10 to 20 sessions to alleviate. For this I employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , a technique that explores the interaction of Thoughts, Feelings and Behavior. The objective of psychotherapy is to answer the question : "Why do I do the things I do and Feel the way I feel and How do I go about Changing that?" Often , as with much in Life , the benefit comes from the journey and not necessarily the final destination.

So we will be examining both "Thoughts" and "Behaviors".

The Staff

Counselor & Therapist
Ron K. Howard Ph.D., RP, BCCC, ( C ) OACCPP
Board Certified Counselor & Registered Psychotherapist

Office Manager & Receptionist
Linda Howard

Credentials and Work Experience

• Master's Degree in counseling from Christian International University, Pensacola Fl.
• Doctorate in counseling from The Christian Bible College, , Rocky Mount , NC.
• Honor Masters Degree in Psychology with an elective major in developmental psychology [adolescent and adult] and emotionally focused cognitive therapy from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary, Deerfield Beach , FL.
• Ordained Member of the Clergy (Reverend / Rev.) with the Evangelical Church Alliance of Canada.

Ron K. Howard Ph. D.

My training was as a church counselor and assistant pastor. My work experience in private practice has been mostly with adults both of secular and religious beliefs. I have worked with persons with a wide range of problems, including marriage, divorce, family, sexual, depression, anxiety, assertiveness, and career issues.

I work with individuals, couples, and families. I do some limited work directly with pre-teen children and adolescents, but generally prefer to see them as part of complete family counseling .

I am a member of the Ontario Association of Counselors, Consultants, Psychotherapists and Psychometrists (OACCPP) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). I am both a Board Certified Christian Counselor (BCCC) [ #0033] with the AACC as well as a Certified Counselor / Psychotherapist with the OACCPP [ (C) OACCPP ] [ Certificate # 0329]; and I am also a Registered Psychotherapist (RP designation) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario [ Certificate 002072 ] .

I have been married for 45 plus years and have two grown daughters.


The Process of Counseling

When people come to counseling, it is because they want something to change in their lives. They may want to change their life situations, solve a particular problem, make a decision, or understand what is happening within the inner self mentally and emotionally. As a first step in counseling, you and I will explore your concerns and what changes you want. When we both understand your situation more clearly, I will help you devise various ways to get what you want so long as it is reasonable and feasible. Part of our counseling will address and define what is reasonable and feasible. For counseling to be most effective, you must make a commitment of time and energy and take an active part in the process; this may well require you undertake homework and assigned tasks between sessions, such as reading articles, doing self-monitoring, journaling thoughts, or practicing new skills.

The Process of Therapy

Therapy, or more correctly psychotherapy , is a process by which one delves into core beliefs and underlying assumptions that shape one's view of self and the world. The theory behind psychotherapy is that our internal self-talk , i.e. what we tell ourselves about ourselves and about the world and others around us, shapes our behavior and interaction with others and the world. It is this internal dialogue that often is the cause of depression and anxiety. Hence, in psychotherapy we explore the interaction of thoughts and feelings with the objective of altering dysfunctional or erroneous assumptions and core beliefs.

My Responsibilities as a Counselor

I will keep anything that you tell me in strictest confidence unless I have your permission to tell someone. The only exceptions are:
  1. I may consult with other professional therapists about your concerns and how I might proceed in order to help you, but I will do so without using your name. You have the right to tell me not to consult with anyone.
  2. If you tell me you are going to harm yourself or someone else, I am required by law to do anything I reasonably can to prevent that.
  3. If you disclose sexual or other abuse involving a minor I am required by law to inform the authorities.
  4. Most insurance companies require a diagnosis, a treatment strategy, and a summary progress report. If you intend to bill your insurance company for our sessions, you might want to check on their requirements first.

Your Rights as a Client

You have the right to understand my reasons for suggesting particular procedures. I will try to explain clearly, but if you have any reservations, please ask them. You also have the right not to do anything I suggest. And you have the right at any time to decide you do not wish to continue counseling

Faith and Spirituality

Articles About Faith & Spirituality

Over my years of counseling I have assembled some various materials on Faith and Spirituality. As I often get requests to share these various views these articles are available for download on this page.

To download: right click on the link and choose "Save Link As" (Firefox), "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer).

Some Faith & Religion Basics
Thoughts on Doing The Will Of God
Notes on Grace, Mercy & Obedience (177 KB)
Recognizing Healthy Spirituality
Finding Purpose In Life (73 KB)
God's Way & God's Will (40 KB)
The Human Spirit, Spiritual Growth and Change (40 KB)
Thoughts on When God Is Silent (24 KB)

These files are in .pdf format ~ Download Adobe Reader

Marriage & Family

Articles About Marriage & Family

Over my years of counseling I have assembled various materials on Marriage and Family. As I often get requests to share these various views these articles are available for download on this page.

To download: right click on the link and choose "Save Link As" (Firefox), "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer).

Rebuilding Solid Relationships as a Couple Divorce and the Bible
Perspectives on Why Men Refuse To Commit
Understanding Being A Teenager
Dealing with an Angry or Difficult Teen

These files are in .pdf format ~ Download Adobe Reader

Anxiety & Depression

Articles About Anxiety & Depression

Over my years of counseling I have assembled various materials on Anxiety and Depression. As I often get requests to share these various views these articles are available for download on this page.

To download: right click on the link and choose "Save Link As" (Firefox), "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer).

Anxiety Basics (121 KB)
Stress (106 KB)
Depression, Some Basics You Should Know (93 KB)

These files are in .pdf format ~ Download Adobe Reader

See also the Ottawa Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Depression: www.m.octad.ca

Frequently Asked Questions

In coming for counseling you are likely embarking on a journey that is new to you and hence there are a lot of questions.
Hopefully, these FAQ's will answer some of those and put you at ease.

Counseling is about helping people work through issues that can no longer be coped with. They may seem too great an emotional burden or they are affecting day-to-day functioning. So counseling is a process through which the counselor helps the client examine all the various factors and aspects that contribute to their present life situation. The counselor then works with the client, using a variety of counseling techniques and tools, to bring about positive life changes.

Everything shared with the counselor is confidential and will not be released to others unless there is a signed permission form granting the release of private information. The only exception to confidentiality is where you may be at risk of harming yourself or others, or the issue involves physical abuse or sexual abuse of a minor.

It is advisable that in the event you are seeing a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, or Psychologist that the counselor be granted permission to contact these professionals for the purpose of coordinating treatment programs. This will require the sharing of confidential information but is in your best interest.

Your counselor also needs to know the names of any medications you are currently being prescribed as these can have possible side effects that can influence the counseling process.

Each session is One (1) hours. 50 mins is devoted to working on the identified issue, while the last 10 mins is for summarizing and setting goals for the next appointment.

Insights Counseling charges on a per session basis using a sliding fee scale geared to income. Payment is made at the end of each session and personal cheques are accepted.

Yes. While OHIP only covers the cost of seeing a psychiatrist some Private Health Insurance Companies are now covering the cost of seeing a Registered or Certified Psychotherapists. Also Employee Assistance Programs may reimburse if you state that this is you counselor of choice or if it is recommended by your medical doctor that you see a counselor. Do check with your Insurance Company.

Counseling fees may be deductible as medical expenses for Income Tax Purposes (a print out of amounts billed will be provided upon requests)

Insights Counseling respects the spiritual beliefs of the client and draws upon those where appropriate and effective should the client so wish.

As professional counselors, we are bound by a code of ethics that governs generally accepted codes of conduct within the field of counseling. We are registered as professional counselors with the following bodies who can take disciplinary action to revoke our right to practice should we breach generally accepted codes of conduct:

  • The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
  • The Ontario Association of Counselors , Consultants , Psychometrists and Psychotherapists
  • The American Association of Christian Counselors

Also, there are progress evaluations at every 4th session where you, the client, have the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of his or her treatment program.

Fee Structure

Time & Money

Most counseling sessions take place every two weeks and last 60 minutes. However, if it appears that we are not reaching your desired changes or goals quickly enough, or I observe behavior that concerns me, we may have to meet weekly for a short time. Also, if we are at a critical point in a session, the session may be extended to 90 minutes at no additional charge to you. The number of sessions needed varies with each person and problem, but typically I like to work in blocks of four to five sessions, with a review at the end of each block of sessions. My standard fee is $70 per session, but if necessary we have a sliding fee scale based on your ability to pay.

Fee Schedule Effective April 2014

Annual SalaryWeekly SalaryHourly Fee (incl HST)
$100,000 and Above$1,923 and Above$210
$75,000 to $99,999$1,442 and Above$160
$65,000 to $74,999$1,250 and Above$140
$55,000 to $64,999$1,058 and Above$95
Under $45,000$673 and Under$75
  1. The Fees equiate to being appoximately 11% of one's weekly salary and are subject to change periodically as dictated by operating expenses.
  2. Lower rates can be negotiated where financial hardship is evident and there is a demonstrated commitment to the therapy and counseling process.
  3. Counseling Fees may be recoverable through Extended Benefit Plans, check with your Extended Health Benefit Plan provider. (*) Note too that our counseling services are covered by a number of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP
  4. Counseling Fees may be also partically recoverable as an Income Tax deduction.


Articles & Information

Articles and information for you to download to your computer.
Click on the link to open the file.
To download: right click and choose "Save Link As" (FireFox Browser) or "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer Brower)

  1. A Definition Of Marrage (16 KB)
  2. Anxiety Basics (121 KB)
  3. Building Solid Relationships (73 KB)
  4. Committment To Marriage Vows (89 KB)
  5. Dealing With An Angry Or Difficult Teen (209 KB)
  6. Depression, Some Basics You Should Know (93 KB)
  7. Finding Purpose In Life (73 KB)
  8. God's Way & God's Will (41 KB)
  9. Marital Satisfaction & Family Life Cycle (324 KB)
  10. Notes On Grace, Mercy And Obedience (178 KB)
  11. Perspectives On Why Men Refuse To Commit (42 KB)
  12. Recognizing Healthy Spirituality (41 KB)
  13. Relational Conflicts & Communication (312 KB)
  14. Some Faith & Religion Basics (13 KB)
  15. Stress (106 KB)
  16. The Human Spirit, Spiritual Growth, & Change (195 KB)
  17. The Problem With Communicating (311 KB)
  18. Thoughts On Doing The Will Of God (303 KB)
  19. Thoughts On "When God Is Silent" 25 KB)
  20. Trifold Brochure - Insights Counseling (62 KB)
  21. Understanding Being A Teenager (288 KB)